Regular 'Talk to Camera' Vide Content can help build trust and authenticity.

Testimonials and Success Stories work!
Happy customers make great advocates.

Case Studies can show the success of one of your clients in huge detail

Does your audience trust you?

Video productions are great for building trust with your audience. They help to show how authentic you are as a person, can portray your happy customers and their projects as well as allowing you to go into immense detail about certain projects, that would be, lets be honest, boring to read in an article.

We help our clients to create videos that show authenticity, which in turn, breeds trust. On the right, is a Case Study video that Milton Keynes based charity, Different Strokes, allowed us to create. It helps our clients trust us, and in turn, creates more clients. Take a look below for 3 ways we help our clients to create trust for their audiences.

Regular Content - Makes you an industry Expert

Regular video content is fantastic for sharing ‘How-to’ videos, Top Tips, Advice, Best Kept secrets and more. By sharing regular content, featuring yourself or someone else from your team, allows you to show some of your brand personality.

When sharing Regular Content that offers value, on a daily or weekly basis, it instills trust and helps you to appear as an industry expert, which in turn creates more leads.

We help clients to plan, film, edit and distribute their regular video content to optimise it to the best of our ability. Helping them to schedule it on Facebook, create Linkedin articles and optimise their YouTube channels.

Testimonials and Success Stories - SHow your new clients, how your current clients feel

Testimonials and success stories are short videos of your clients asking simple questions, normally around the pretence of ‘What was life like before you worked with us?’ and ‘How has your life improved?’ and ‘Why would you recommend people like you to work with us?’

The more testimonials, the better in our opinion. You can never have too many. One of the biggest drawbacks is logistics. Some business struggle due to their clients location, and a simple video testimonial never happens.

We help our clients to create testimonials and success story videos with logistics, planning, filming and editing, also creating bespoke questions for each project we work on, allowing for a in-depth, but short, video to be created

CASE STUDY VIDEOS - SHow your audiENCe and potential clients what it is like to work with yoU

The difference between testimonials/success stories and Case Study videos is that in a case study video, you tend to go into more detail about the project, with filming on site taking normally around 2-3 hours.

Case Study videos delve deep into individual services, and include interviews with several different people. Once it has all been cut together with attractive on-sit b-roll footage, customer interviews and animated graphics, a case study video is born. 

They are fantastic videos to share with your potential clients at a later stage of the buying process as they in-still trust by providing real hard evidence to the success of your work.


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